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Corporate Fitness Management


Below are some of the modules designed considering the work environment, stress and lifestyle pattern into consideration.

Module One: Workshop on “Quick tips and pointer to stay healthy”
Module Two: Fitness Testing & Risk Factor analysis
Module Three: “Better health in 3 months”
Module Four: Consultation for Healthy diet menu planning, hygiene and quality of food service.
Module Five: Corporate Quick Relaxation therapies

Module One: Workshop on “Quick tips & pointer to stay healthy”

This workshop would lay the foundation towards the beginning of better health. It is focused at creating awareness and motivating the employees to start with some life style change and exercise. The workshop will touch common corporate jargons like No time, No motivation, Low energy levels, High stress, Very effective nutrition tips, common professional hazards and above all a short 20 min home workout routine that can be executed before one starts their corporate day.

The members of our expert team will be conducting the seminar. The duration is approximately 90 minutes and cost for the same is Rs.9500 (taxes additional)

Value Addition, we also mail a corporate newsletter with important information on the above topics once a month.

Module Two: Fitness Testing & Risk Factor analysis

In the past few years with growing incidence of medical casualties, annual medical checkups are actually seen as activities beneficial for employee welfare. Unfortunately, it conveys all the wrong signals to an employee and encourages him to continue his unhealthy pursuit.

In reality the company should be doing just the opposite. It should promote the route to be healthy and fit, by severely penalizing employees who embrace an unhealthy lifestyle & reduce productivity of the organization. To keep an employee fit would cost the organization just a fraction of the amount spent towards medical checks ups and medical reimbursements.

Fitness evaluation and risk factor analysis is conducted on various parameters giving a clear picture, of the Cardio vascular ability, Body fat, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility of every employee. In fact it will be a great eye opener for individuals who consider “I have not gone to the doctor in the last whole year” as being health and fit. Also for the company it will help in which can take the necessary steps required to change the employee health graph.

As for the company it will help in taking necessary steps required to change employee health graph & a positive attempt towards preventive health care and real concern for employee’s health and fitness. For complete details of the test kindly send us a mail.

Module Three: “Better health in 3 months”

“We are a product of what we eat”, this statement stands the test of time. Along with a regular exercise routine we also need prudent eating habits. An effective weight loss program is a combination of both. The minimum duration to see satisfactory change for any program is 3 months. We will offer personalized nutrition pattern for each employee in accordance to their lifestyle & preferences. Along with the same we will send our trainer to conduct work out sessions in the office premises or any place allocated for the same by the management. These classes can either be conducted before or after working hours, depending on the preference of the employees. Every employee needs to attend a minimum of three classes in a week, to achieve effective results. Minimum enrollment is a batch of 10 employees.

Module Four: Consultation for Healthy diet menu planning, hygiene and quality of food service.

Very often the source of food itself is unhealthy and employees are left with no option but to eat what is offered in the office pantry. To begin with our team of nutritionist, will assist your caterer in offering a variety of healthy food items along with other host of services.

Diet menu planning is done is to suit the lifestyle of the sedentary executives, to provide them with optimal nutrition for better performance and combat stress full lives.

Value addition, regular healthcare handouts, charts which aim to increase awareness amongst employees on diet and health related issues. Trying to bring about a lifestyle change, by inculcating healthy eating habits.

We have associate catering partners who offer Health Tiffin service with delivery to corporate employees

Module Five: Complete Corporate Fitness Management

Long working hours, chasing targets, formulating presentations, working under stress, irregular food pattern, etc is a regular occurrence in a competitive corporate environment. All this takes a toll on the performance of the employee. A mentally stressed, physically tired employee would be like a sports car with only two gears, feels great to own it but when it comes to performance, less than half of its potential.

Today a lot of organizations want to offer better work conditions and benefits to its employees. This would be considered as a positive step in alleviating their stress levels at work.

We offer complete corporate fitness management where all of the above modules and regular workshops by external faculty, once a year fitness events & competitions, Special population consdition improvement programmes will be conducted.


Corporate Fitness Management Services Company

Welcome to V-Fit, keeping in mind the changing standards of Health and Fitness in today’s fast paced lifestyle, where the phrase “NO TIME” is the biggest deterrent in attaining your fitness goals. We have carefully structured plans to enable you to achieve your goals in a most systematic manner.

It follows a three step approach of Care, Convenience & Consistency. Our dedicated customer support along with our certified Personal Trainers, Aerobic instructors, Yoga instructors, Dieticians and Masseurs constantly motivating clients to achieve the desired results in the convenience of your own home.

We have grown with 10 years of experience behind us and our personalized approach comes with an understanding “The toughest part about any exercise programme is sticking to it” Sometimes the best trainers and most expensive gym memberships fail to deliver results purely because they fail in delivering the 3 C’s = Care, Convenience & Consistency. Our core competence lies in:

1. Personal Training Services
2. Gym Set up & Management
3. Spa Set up & Management
4. Corporate Fitness & Wellness management
5. Massage Training Academy

Corporate Fitness Management Services Modules

We are specialists in Personal Fitness Trainers, Fitness Consultants, Weight Loss Plans, Massage Training Academy, Corporate Fitness Management, Total Gym Setup, Gym Management Services, Spa Management Services, etc.